Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-27 02:42:52 (UTC)

A bipolar week

Dearest Master,

this slave has not written in several days because the
computer that she usually writes on is on the fritz.
There are two other computers down stairs, but they are
much more public, and O/our older children know how to

This has been a week of ups and downs, like a roller
coaster. The car won't be done till Monday, so W/we are
still down to one vehicle. It has been ok this week
because You have been based in town all week. Next week
will get trickier. W/we will do what W/we have to do, as
W/we always do. W/we will make things work.

W/we got the news that the big move W/we have been waiting
for will happen in about 2 weeks. this slave is having a
hard time believing that it is really going to happen, but
this time You are the One who believes. If You can
believe it, then this slave can too. she knows that
things are going to be really hectic and it is going to be
quite a while before W/we can take full possession of what
is O/ours, but it's a step in the right direction!

W/we got some other major business taken care of today.
It has been a long road, but it looks as though things are
actually going to turn out okay. W/we still have a ways
to go and some major obligations to meet, but W/we are
determined to make things work!

this slave has missed You so much this month. You have
had to do so much travelling and spend so much time away
from home, that it seems like W/we have just been passing
E/each O/other while coming and going. When W/we have had
the chance to be T/together this slave has either been out
of it or too tired. she hasn't been as attentive to Your
needs as she should have been, and she is sorry. she will
do better.

At the same time, O/our lives are getting ready to become
a lot more hectic. School starts next week, and it is
going to be a challenge. For the first time W/we will be
home schooling all O/our children at the same time. It
will be fun and W/we will be successful, but it will not
be easy. this slave must admit though, that she is really
looking forward to getting back to school. she loves
teaching them, and they are such good learners.

this slave has made some mistakes this week. Most were
small, but they were mistakes none the less. she is
slipped back into her habit of trying to finish Your
thoughts for You, instead of just shutting up and letting
You finish what it is You are trying to say. W/we also
had an incident when the car overheated, because the
thermostatis sticking. You were looking for something in
the car, and this slave left it running. The car got hot
and started to overheat, but this slave was too busy
jammin' with the radio, that she didn't hear it, and
neither could You. You finally heard the boiling sound
and quickly turned off the engine. The car is fine, but
if this slave hadn't had the radio turned up so loudly,
W/we would have heard the problem much sooner. this slave
also lost the lock to the storage building, and the owners
ended up putting their own lock on it. When this slave
took a load of boxes over after closing time, she could
not get into the locker, so W/we had to ride around with
the car full of boxes. Then, You had to take care of the
situation the next day. No, this slave has not made
horrendous mistakes this week, but she knows that
punishment is due. she gladly and willingly accepts Your
discipline, as it makes her a better slave, and teaches
her to avoid the typs of behavior that causes You to
become upset with her.

It is getting late, and this slave will be joining You
soon. Tomorrow is a day with the kids, and should be a
lot of fun, although it will be in a very crowded
setting. this slave will still have a great time, and she
knows the kids will too! this slave will sign off for
now, Master. she loves You very much, and she will be a
better slave in the upcoming week.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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