My dreams are nothing but a haze
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2005-08-26 20:23:21 (UTC)

Still Alive

Morning arrives, I open my eyes

Oh no, I’m still alive

Where will I find the strength this time?

To keep from ending this life of mine

A deep breath I take at last

Look in the mirror, don my mask

Hide my pain from rest of the world

Humor becomes my shield and sword

I question the reason for me being

My life seems to have no meaning

I’m bruised by despise and it’s starting to show

And I feel like I can’t survive another blow

I long for death to take my hand

Living this life is what I can’t stand

I can feel my resolve wearing thin

I don’t know how much more I can hold within

My emotions are boiling inside of me

Mixing together so violently

This low feels like it will never end

Reckless endangerment, life on the mend

I’m just existing in this moment in time

On the verge of losing my mind

As the day ends, I close my eyes

Wondering why I’m still alive

Hoping death will come tonight

Then finally I can give up this fight

Morning arrives I open my eyes

Oh no, I’m still alive

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