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2005-08-26 07:29:38 (UTC)

best summer ever

how does one define the best summer ever? in williamsburg full-time with sister at Toyota
...acquired a 2005 corolla
...watching Nationals game w/Alan
...mahjong w/family
...king's dominion. times 2. (peter: "dude i cant believe
that wait")
...BOWLING (jeff breaks 100)
...HONG KONG w/family
...housesitting (Risk)
...warped tour
...done w/3 pairs of shoes. bought 5 more
...lots and lots of bball
...met a girl

this summer was definitely all about ~~~ the Big 2, mario
kart, charades, bball. basically asians hanging out. when
i reflect on the summer, what else can i say but

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