Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-08-25 20:14:18 (UTC)

The Next Week

Well, Nik decided to go to New York after all. It'll be
good for him.

Guess that looks like I'm not coming on for a while ... I
have no one to talk to.

Kade still really isn't talking to me. Brennan and Ryan
I'll still check up on, and so on.

But apart from that, no one is really ever on.

My stomache aches with starvation. But I ... don't want to
eat? -Sigh-

I need something to do for a week. Before I go insane.

This'll be my last week of holidays ... It should be good
to get away from the computer. Perhaps? I don't know.

I'll think of something to bore into my time. Likely, I'll
sit on my ass and watch television until the cows come
home ... Or at least until the Nik comes home. Heh.

I'm bored already. No one is on MSN ... Bleh. I need
something to do. Desprately.