Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-08-25 19:25:44 (UTC)

Oh what a night......yes another!

Just needed to report on a night that lucy & Jess had a
couple of months ago......well lucy, jess & sophie had all
gone out at about 6- early start then ended up down the
calls. All night jess is going on about going to Risa. they
were in normans & realised that jess was missing I worked
out that she must have gone to risa by herself. Lucy new
that one of the guys that she was kind of seeing (but not
really-if you get waht I mean!) was in Risa & asked them to
look after her unit they got there!! we when they arrived
jess was rather pissed-they all were actually. After more
alcohol, Lucy gets a text the other guy she's kind of not
seeing. Lucy then sneeks off to see this other guy & ends
up going home with him. Then the other guy from risa turns
up at her house too....argh.... this girl's a shocker at
times.....she survived by pretending she wasn't home!!!
Lucky girl!!!!! about an hour before lucy gets home, Jess
came gome but had lost her key, attempted to kick the door
in, woke up the neighbours & got taken home to her parents
by the police!!!!!!!!! Women behaving badly! we love you
guys!!! xxxxxxxxxx

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