Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-08-25 16:26:52 (UTC)

Off ...

Nik is off for a week tomorrow, he's going to New York. -

Actually, he doesn't know whether or not he's going to go.
I think he should ... Not that I want him to, or anything.
I'll miss him ... But it'd be for his own good, so suck it
up kid.

Kade and I haven't been talking. I think he's mad at me
for something ...

Looke, Kade. If you read this ... I'm sorry. I'm sorry I
upset you, I'm sorry you were hurt. If I could take it
back I would, but what's done ... is done. I'm sorry. We
haven't spoken in a while ... And I'm just wondering where
my best freind is. I want to go back, just like the old
days. Teenspot. Mindless conversations. Before life
attacked us. Haha. So please, if you read this, just talk
to me? Your poem about Sarah was beautiful, I love it. I
love YOU.

Anyhow, I think I'm off for a week. No one to talk to ...
No where to go. If Nik is off ... Well apart from Brennan
and Ryan he's the only one I've been talking to lately.

I'll miss him, but it's for his own good. He'll be happy
once he gets there. -Sigh- He'll get away from me for a
while. Haha, always good to get away from the clingy

Anyhow, school starts soon. My first term is great, but
second term is going to be a kick in the clit.

I'm going to get lost either way ...

I may come online occasionally in the next week to check
up on people. Yes, yes, I'm a burden. I'm like their

I'll see how things are working out with Brennan. Poor
boy. Same with Ryan. -Sigh- Life goes on.

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