Goodnight, Starlight.

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2005-08-25 15:43:07 (UTC)

not much time

ive not really got time to write this but oh well.

ive been with kendra loads lately. im never home. i just
like bein with her because i dont worry about anything.
and im not here sitting, waiting on the computer for
peopel to come online. its a good feeling.

i still feel the same about paul but we havnt talked in
about 10 days. and it sucks. hes with with....
nnnicccccc.... *says in a disgusted voice*

i miss him though. im suposed to go ottawa with kendra in
march to see people. so my england saved money would go to
that. so if he comes in feb then im not goin there in the
summer. but if he dont come in feb then i dunno whats
gonna happen,

i hope he does come though. i want to see him really

well i gotta go

mackster xox

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