Mia, the complainer
2005-08-25 13:37:09 (UTC)

energized today

it's 9:27 in the morning and I am SO full of energy! I feel
like I should be running a mile, and I prolly should. I
already went like 1.37 mi. on the treadmill earlier. :)

I have a Dr's appointment this morning...grrr. I really
don't want to go. I don't feel like an ana anymore, just
kinda like hopeless in that area. I mean I know I'm getting
back on track, but I'd rather not even think about talking
to that woman until I'm 98 lbs...even then I don't wanna
seer. I don't feel like I've proved myself. I just wanna
march in today and say " You don't know me, you dont know
what I'm cabaple of. You've never seen me starve myself,
but I did it and I'll do it again. I'm leaving. I'll come
back when I'm 89 lbs and then you can preach to me."

I hate this.
At least school is starting soon and it is SO much easier
to lose weight in the school year. It just melts off b/c
I'm in school all day and there is no chance to eat, esp.
if I skip lunch. :)!!!!!

*SMILES all around*
I binged last night but I ran 5 mi and then I did 100
jumping jacks and then my mile today and Imma bout to do
some more jumping jacks.

Ok ttyl8tr