Autum's Leaves
2005-08-25 07:34:35 (UTC)

A Quickie...or Two.

College is crazy, I have no time. I'm having to balance
two jobs, class and my life, and it dosen't seem to be
working that well. I'm getting the important stuff done.
The homework, the reading, the papers before I do the other
stuff, so I should be fine.

This no sleep thing is really getting to me though.

So, my first quickie was a guy who I deem Danny. No,
it's not his real name but there's a story behind it to
which I cannot tell you. But, Danny and I met and we made
out for a long time and then we had very very short sex,
which was awful and I already don't enjoy thinking about.

...And guess whose marvelous self decides to IM me when
I get hom at three in the morning? The Boarder, begging me
to come over and satisfy him. He's taking a shower now,
says he's going to im me when he gets out, he might come
pick me up on the condition that I give him head all the
way to his house. *thinks* I don't know if it's fair but it
sure as hell beats me having to walk to my car.

Dude, this guy I was with...he fingered so fucking hard.
Ugh, it hurt like a bitch. And now I'm all discombobulated
inside it seems.

But I'm sure the boarder can fix it...he um...showed me
a porno of what he wanted to do to I think it's
some ridiculously hardcore fuckage. *thinks* So
yeah...we'll just have to see how that one works out. I
will sleep with him until the day that I absolutely cannot.
Even with my "problem" he is the best lay a chick could ask
for...well, as long as they weren't super vanilla chicks.

But...yeah he's drunk, and can't drive. Which is
comforting. Well, not that he's drunk, but that he won't
drive impared. And we're supposed to get crunk tomorrow and
have a night of wild banshee sex. *grins* I'm very excited
about that one. But anyways, I must get sleep.