slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-08-24 16:31:20 (UTC)

sub diary 24-08-05


i think i have said it before but how quickly things can

i woke this morning feeling great as today i was to talk
with Master on the phone. i am finding i sleep so much
better when i am bound. this is when i feel closest to
Master except when i am chatting or talking with Him. i did
my morning ritual full of enthusiasm. i was so excited and
as i dressed for work my thoughts were with Master again.
He has left me a message to wear only a skimpy pair of
panties to work today, no other underwear at all. i chose a
long straight denim skirt and a black microfibre shirt. it
clings to my skin and shows my every curve. i felt naughty
but i held my head proud as i knew Master would approve.

i got home a little after noon an immediately logged in. i
wasnt alone as sickness has once again hit my home. i had 2
roomies home demanding my attention as soon as i stepped
foot in the door. one wasnt as bad as the other. i had to
access the phone so im could talk with Master. Wwe chatted
for a while then i was able to make the call.

it was been so long since Master and i have had any phone
contact and it seems like eternity since Wwe have had a
session of any kind. Master made a tongue in cheek comment
about making a sandwich and i smiled. Master wished for me
to cum for Him but i felt uncomfortable with the sick
roomie wandering about. Oour chat was very vanilla today
but it was amazing to hear His voice. i then got
disconnected. the bottom of my world dropped out.

one of the roomies had cut the call off as we had received
an urgent message to call my family. it appears that one
of my aunts who had breast cancer previously has now been
diagnosed with a deep brain cancer. she is only 47.

i went back to work but i couldnt stay there as it hit me
after a while. i closed the shop and came home. i tried to
contact Master but He was unavailable. i am feeling so
lost. i want to be with my mum at this time to support her.
Master i wished Wwe could have talked this over. i know You
can help me right now.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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