jerry gonzalez

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2005-08-24 02:37:13 (UTC)

New Year 2005-2006

Well, what can I say: Met new friends, met brand new
freshmen-(definitely). Plus my second last year of
marching season has began. This new year went totally
crazy during the fish olympics which all freshmen started
to get dirty on the mud. I can recall that this year has
been much better than last year's fish olympics. But I met
some new friends which were some from the woodwinds, the
colorguard, and the percussion. Depending what title will
be our show this year hope it ain't catz pajamas, maybe
for sure jazz is something suite, hopefully. But next year
will be the real thing for me to get on the heat on
marching plus concert season. (Hope I can go to the prom).
So far junior year will be the thoughest level for exiting
the taks exam. But tutorials comes by everyday for
tutoring to pass this test. Truthfully, I believe that
next year our section of trombones will get better for us
to get unified as a family. As long as were together plus
focusing on marching we will follow on forward and through
the marching drills.

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