Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-24 01:50:54 (UTC)

Stressing out

Dearest Master,

this slave apologizes for not journalling the last couple of
days. The past few days have been stressful to say the least.

Your car is in need of major repair. You have a very good
relationship with the company that is fixing it, so they are
giving You a break on the cost and allowing You to make
payments on the repair. It is still a very costly repair
that is going to seriously hamper U/us financially for
several months. W/we will be ok though. W/we are going to
get through these hard times, and W/we will be stronger than

Certain family members are becoming even more of a challenge
to U/us right now. Between an upcoming move and an
unpleasant personality, combined with a total disrespect of
U/us and O/our home, has really made for an unpleasant
situation. this slave promises that it will be over soon.
she is sorry that things have gotten so ugly. she is afraid
that, because of the way this person acts, there is no way
that this situation could have resolved itself without a lot
of anger, ugliness, and hurt feelings.

Work is going well, however, this slave has found a couple
of jobs that she would prefer to have, so she has sent out
her resume. she really loves her job that she has now, but
if she could be closer to the house or work a different
shift, it sure would make home schooling a heck of a lot
easier. Whatever this slave's job situatio is, W/we will
make is work, and the children's education will not suffer.
she really hopes that she hears something soon from these
other companies. There is probably no way a change can be
made before school starts, but it would be nice if it could
be made shortly thereafter.

You have not heard anything regarding Your interview from
last week, however, the gentleman told You that it would be
a couple of weeks before You did. He is going to be on
vacation and must still do a couple more interviews. this
slave really likes Your chances though. You were well
prepared, and that really impressed him.

You and this slave had a really good night Saturday/Sunday.
You took this slave's bottom once again, and it was a
little messier than the previous Friday. this slave was a
little upset by it, but You told her not to worry about it,
You'd beat her for it later. You will, because she was
supposed to be totally clean for You. she is not sure what
happened, but she will do her best not to let it happen
again. she seems to do better when she takes a smaller
amount of liquid at one time, but still using a full gallon.
When she takes a full 2 qts at a time, it doesn't seem to
be as thorough. she will use that information next time.

this slave made a mistake Sunday night, because she was
supposed to send off her resume' via email from one of the
kid's computers. she found one type of resume, and was able
to use that for one of the jobs, but the other jobs required
a different type of resume, and that one she could not find
on the kid's pc. she came upstairs to get it off Your
computer, and You thought she was done and ready for bed.
she told You that she was still trying to send them out, and
You got a little upset, but You did not get angry. this
slave sent the resume off in about 5-10 more minutes, and
then You put her to bed. The problem was that You had been
ready to go to bed Yourself when this slave came up the
first time. Since this slave was not ready to go to bed,
You stayed up and started surfing. When this slave did go
to bed, You ended up staying up. You lost Your sleepiness,
and it was this slave's fault. If she had been ready for
bed when she came up the first time, W/we B/both would have
gone to bed right then, and You would have gotten a good
night's sleep. As it was, You could not go to sleep after
You got Your second wind. You tried and tried to sleep, but
because You could not, You got angrier and angrier. By the
time the alarm went off You were really mad. this slave
knows that it was her fault, and she is very sorry for not
being more prepared. she knew earlier in the day that she
was going to send these resumes, so she should have done it
before You got home. she knows that she will be punished,
and she expects it will be extreme. she loves You, and she
will not let this type of thing happen again.

Master, this slave loves You so much. she will be so glad
when this week is over so W/we can return to a somewhat
"normal" life, at least normal for U/us! You have been gone
so much this past month, and with this slave going back to
work, it doesn't seem like W/we have seen E/each O/other at
all. this slave is looking forward to eating meals with You
again! (Naked, eating from a dish on the floor!) *smile*

Have a good night, Dearest Master. Your bliss loves You so

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,