The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-08-23 22:10:51 (UTC)

Poem 74- She Painted the Roses Red

she painted the roses red,
the buttercups yellow.
she turned the ashes grey with forgivness
and the sea blue with happiness.
she lay everything down for you to see,
it was all there, each piece created for you.
reflecting a beauty only the artist of love could achieve-
she saw it all in the world that surrounded you,
and as the carpet of romance unfurled before you
i watched as you took the very first step into becoming
someone who could love themself.

but when i tried to colour the moon silver,
the sun golden spun enchantment
and then fire dancing with red leaps,
it seemed all that i did was rid the world of the colours
of before.
i tried to give you everything i could,
showing you how beautiful i saw you were-
handing you the universe i created.
placing love into your very chest of beating pulses
i found that neither was what i had made beautiful
and neither was i worth the glance.

© Lucy Griffin August05

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