The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-08-23 21:11:52 (UTC)

I'm a snot sometimes! Fuck that!

Dear Diary

Ok, Tricia just PISSED me off! I was reading her shit and
the wrote that I can be a SNOT sometimes. Bullshit! She's a
fucker! I can't believe she acts like she's all fine to my
face then goes and writes that shit. Then said I was being
all sweet with Amanda and whatever but, I was acting all
ghetooish. Fuck that. I'm so tired of being lied to. Then I
cought her and Tremain talking on the phone about me and
how she thought I started some shit back in my 9th grade
year. I don't trust her. I really never have. I should
learn my lesson but, I don't. I guess I'm just stupid like
that. Ah well.

I don't feel like typing right now. I'm pissed and sick to
my stomach with anxiety and whatever. Plus mom's in the
hospital so..I'm just anxious beyond belief. I'm gonna go
now. W/b later probably.

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