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2005-08-23 20:23:25 (UTC)



dont reli no what to say. nuffin i can say reli, well
nuffin 4 de public anyway.


i did nuffin this week,
and as a bonus, i got to do (big drum roll) less then
nuffin 2day. o apart frm the normal, stupid annoying
compleat prick ov a brother always there trying to piss me
of, wiv nuffin beta to do then fanticise over my freinds
tits, then say im gonna go call viki. but then thats dan
all ova. always bin a compleat perv.

well dats enuf family story 4 1 day!

o and ro, dont worrt bout us not being able to hang out 4
another 2 weeks. guess we wil c each other at skl.