Mia, the complainer
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2005-08-23 17:08:17 (UTC)


Just got back from Betsy's house with the S5 whohooo! I
love those girlies. I can't believe we are all going to
diff schools now. Well, exept Carly and Mandi, but sill
WOAH. I am gonna miss seeing them in the halls so much.

I have a Dr's appointment in a lil bit. My "nodes" have
been swollen for teh whole summer so its starting to freak
me out. I'm not as much of ahypocondriac as I used to be
but still, even my mom thinks its weird so yeah that'll be
fun. *sarcastic face* I really dont' want them to weight
me, but I knwo they will. Ok, I looke like I did when I was
97 lbs, but the scale wont move and says I am much much
bigger..I don't get it!
WTF, well, and instead of being just bloated i htink some
of it might be fat which is disgusting an di dont even wnat
to mention it. Like I'm serisusly thinkin that my scale is
broken well and I have my period so GRR I"ve been so good I
just wnat it all to melt off!
I want to take a knife, slice open my skin, rip out the
fat, and sew myself back up. To those of you who think I'm
being melodramatic- I've seriously considered this on many
I don't feel like I have the right o complain till I'm
skinnier (which doens't really make any sense does it)
Well I'm gonna go
Luv ya chicas