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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-08-23 21:56:29 (UTC)

sub diary 23-08-05


back to work today and feeling rather confused with things.
i have recently been offered a managerial job with a big
franchise. it would solve a few of my problems right now
but it will also cause me some sadness.

i have to make the decision of REALLY selling my business
or putting a manager into it. either way i will be leaving
my business and that saddens me heaps. but i will be able
to move home to my parents place so wont have to worry
about the lease on a place. less problems for when i leave
to be with Master.

i missed chatting with Master today as i had an appointment
with the bank then i had to be at work. tomorrow i hope Wwe
can talk on phone as i believe Master has a meeting but not
a late one. i feel a late lunch coming on Master :P.

i really missed You today Master. i wanted to talk with You
so i could hear Your soothing voice. the voice that makes
me wet and tremble even with a simple hello.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}