Thoughts in Green
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2005-08-23 04:08:57 (UTC)


So I have recently found that I think I am fallimg in
love with my boyfriend.

It makes no sense really because normally I would not have
even given a guy like him a chance. Not since I met
my "Will" and fell in love with him ... which made even
less sense then this does.

Don't get me wrong he is a wonderful guy but normally I
would have not stayed with him because of his outer
flaws... he's not a hunch back or anyting he just is not
what I would normally be attracted to as a long term

He is very stable and treats me like a princess. He also is
suprisingly athletic which in looking at him you would not
think is the case. He likes to surf and is in to Kung Fu an
likes to swim and work out. We have gone on a lot of
vacations in the three months we have been together and we
have a great time together.

It's so strange to me though.... I turned 30 and everything
changed in a really positive way. It was all falling in to
place and then "Will" did what he does best... acted a fool
and made everything harder.

Now I am in love with this wonderful and unlikely man and I
have to deal with my best friend being a little bitch. He
is depressed and will begin anger managment classes shortly
which I hope with ultimatly make him change his feelings
about my boyfriend "Leo".

In the meantime my man has opened his carwash and is making
great money. He is really stressed out and I want to spend
as much time with him as I can but I have to deal
with "Will's"issues as weil.

So if his feelings about "Leo" don't change and soon it
could make my life interestingly difficult. I know I will
stay with "Leo" for some time ... we are even discussing
living together when my lease is up.

Who knows but I do know that in a good way this whole being
in love thing is making it not bother me as much
anymore.....Weird really

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