The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-08-23 01:06:20 (UTC) I am.

Dear Diary

Hey. Well, Here I am. I don't know how my day was today. It
was uneventful. I went to eat with my grandparents. That
was interesting. Sue talked my head off. It I'm just bored and figured I'd write. I
guess I"m feeling better about Joey. He called me this
morning just to tell me good morning. It made me feel good.
I miss him caling just to do that. I'm gonna call him in a
few minutes. It's almost 9 minutes will be free!
YAY! I can talk to my baby!

Oh yeah, Tricia and Zac broke up again. I wonder if it will
be for good this time. I hope so. She deserves better than
that. He treated like shit. Oh wel. It's all over with for
now. For the time being anyway. I just wonder if he won't
guilt trip her back into when we get to school..? Hmmm?
Ponder. Ponder. Ponder. lol.

Mom's in the ER right now with chest pains and stuff. I
hope she's ok. I may not like her sometimes but, I'm really
worried about her. My guess is she's fine. She always is
when she goes to the ER. No offense. lol.

Tremain is supposed to call me here in a few minutes to.
She's not mad at me! YAY! I'm glad. I don't want to lose a
friend. Although I swore I would never EVER be friends with
her again. I'm desperate for friends I suppose. I really
don't have that many. :(

Well, I need to go. I'm calling Valerie real quick then
callin' Joey. W/B later.