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2001-10-09 16:32:43 (UTC)

Scotty Too Hottie

Ok, so I'm still feeling like crap. It's funny how little
energy I have right now. Honestly, I think lying on the
floor doing absolutely nothing would take too much energy at
this precise moment. Yuck. And it doesn't help that it's
that time of the month again either. Double whammy.
K, so in Sports Psych class today, Mr. Scotty Too Hottie
sits with me again. This guy is soooooo cute but like I
said, he doesn't come across as too bright. However we were
paired up again today and I couldn't help but laugh at him.
He is pretty funny. And really cute. LOL, I'm bad, I know.
But he was all concerned about my health and stuff and then
was talking about being at a biker bar... long story. No,
no don't worry, he has a girlfriend. I'm not going to
develop another mondo crush or anything, I just think he's
cute. And then when we were walking out of class, he was
all trying to trip me. It was quaint.
Ok, have I mentioned how annoying I find teenage girls?
I know I was one not too long ago but I know for a fact I
didn't act like they do today. They're the most annoying
creatures on this earth- can you possibly say "Oh my God"
more than 45 times in a span of 1 minute? Wow. Now that I
said that I bet any money when I have a daughter of my own,
she'll be just like that out of spite.
The season premiere of Roswell was last night. It was a
little weird for my taste. It kept jumping from past to
present and back again. Oh well, Brendan was cute. Maybe
next week will make more sense.
Man I wish I had more energy. This is pathetic. And I
have to go back to school for another hour later. Can I even
manage? I think I'll take my discman and listen to NSYNC on
the bus to keep me awake.
Anyways I think I have used all the energy I have at the
moment so I must go. Later.

Current mood: exhausted
Current music: "Gone"- N'SYNC. It's fitting cuz it describes
my lack of energy