Autum's Leaves
2005-08-22 07:13:35 (UTC)

Here We Come

"California here we come, right back where we started from."

Did you know that music can be really good even though
it's used for really bad shows? While it does put a damper
on the music, you have to admit, that's a really good song.

Speaking of dampers, I woke up this morning and went
into work at six, like a good kid. I worked until two,
thank god my weekend is over. Class starts Tuesday, it's
ridiculously too soon, my mom and I are going to buy books
and catch some lunch on campus or something tomorrow. It'll
be fun, she's good to hang out with now that we have our
own space.

*thinks* So, back in the day, aka maybe a week or two
ago, I was on hotornot and this kid does the whole little
meet me thing. So I say I want to meet him, whatever, we
get to chatting...and I think I found my soul mate. Haha,
not being serious or anything, but we do have far more in
common than most people I've met, and he's very funny.
Wonderful to talk to. He's Jewish...which I think he was
expecting some big hassle over, but it really dosen't
matter to me. He's just very cool.

I called the boarder today, he wasn't in, like I knew he
wouldn't be. There's a reason I never call him. It's just
easier to wait for him to get in touch with me than me try
to find him.

Wrote another story today...*thinks* I may put it in
here, I don't know. We'll see I guess, but as of right now,
I am super incredibly sleepy. I hope you have a great rest
of the night.