Celebelly's Life
2005-08-21 14:50:29 (UTC)



Finally I found the love of my life... Seriously this is the
first guy of which I can honestly say, I want to spend the
rest of my life with.

About 4 weeks ago he went on a vacation, with his parents,
his brother and sister. They were going away for 3 weeks.
But on the third week his dad got a stroke. He got a
bleeding in his brain. So he had to go to surgery in
Germany, whee they were staying. After that it all went
positive, but after about 7 days a second bleeding started.
And after that he was braindead. So they stopped keeping him
alive... And they were still in Germany. First of all, the
mother of my boyfriend is going thru the roughest time, I
feel so sorry for her, but I can't do anything to help 'em.

I told John I would leave him alone, so he could make
contact with me as soon as he felt like he was ready again.
I hate it that I can't fucking mean anything for him, and I
can't do anything to help him.

Now he told me he is going to call me today... But what the
hell am I going to say... How do you comfort someone who
just lost his dad... I can't tell him everything will be
okay, cause that would be a false promiss. It will only be
okay as soon as his dad would come back, and I can't wake up
the dead... I have no idea what I am going to do when he
calls... I'll probably let him talk a lot and I'll listen.

And here I was thinking my life was finally going swell... I
think I bring people misfortune or somethin'...
So BEWARE of the Monster... =(
*huggz* Celebelly/Tawwie