The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-08-21 05:54:27 (UTC)

Can I cut Myself now?

Dear Diary

Please! Please God let me be able to do it! I can't
breathe, I've been crying all night and things only gets
worse. Joey and I had a HUGE arguement tonight. Yeah ,it
was pretty bad. I asked him if he watned to be with and me
and he still said yes. I wish he owuld act like it. Or
maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the one with the problem. He
doesn't seem to think it's him. Maybe he's right. Ya think?

And then on top of tells me to get off the phone.
Tomrrow whenever they decide to wake me up..I have to clean
non stop for three days until mom is FUCIKING satisfied
with the house. She isn't coming home till then. Well
that's fuckin' fine with me! I don't care. I never care
anymore. I can't make anybody happy so, what's the point.
I"m leavin' in 3 days. Who gives a fuck! NOT ME!

I only care about cutting myself which is what I"m going to
do. I"m gonna right in the fuckin' thing then write in my
fuckin' Xanga(again to make OTHERS happy). Then I"m gonna
go cut my leg and then I'm gonna watch a movie! yes! I
don't give a fuck if I get caught! Fuck them all!


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