Daily Journal
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2005-08-21 04:28:55 (UTC)

August 20th

Hi my Master,
I got up around 10 this morning and got a shower and
had some breakfast and then got ready. Then I went to the
mall with my mom to get more of my Clinique foundation in
Dillards, some shirts in Hollister, and the supplies to
make my new shirt for the football games. We got back
around 5 and I talked to Alyssa on the phone for a while,
but she was pretty out of it cause shed been out late last
night. Then I worked on making my shirt. Which took
hours because I am such a perfectionist. Its awful when
I'm doing stuff like that. Like cutting letter out of
fabric and gluing decorations on and writing in puffy
paint, etc. Its all done except that the front has to dry
overnight before I can outline some stuff with puffy paint
on the back. Oh, I also ordered an Ipod today. I ended
up spending $384.85 on it. That was the 20 GB IPod Photo,
a case, and the adaptor thing so it will play through my
car stereo when I'm in my car. So I owe my dad a lot of
money. I really wanted one though, it wasnt just a spur
of the moment thing like the perfume. And I have over
$1000 right now, so I still have money. I can't wait
until it gets here. It'll probably be a little over a
week before it does. Oh and I had Chinese takeout for
dinner while I was working on the shirt.
Now also, while I was doing all of this. From the
minute I got up until she went to bed my mom was being th
biggest bitch I've ever seen her be. At everyone, for
absolutely no reason. She basically had a breakdown
today. I really dont want to get into the details but it
sucked. I didnt even want to go to the mall anymore when
we went, but we'd already had the plans and she wouldnt
let me now go. So instead I got snipped at the entire
time over nothing. I cant stand her and I'm so ready to
just more out. But anyway, I dont want to talk about it
anymore than that.