Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-08-21 03:29:03 (UTC)

A bit more reality

Dearest Master,

Here is part 2 of O/our weekend alone.


bliss grabbed a towel out of the linen closet, then stepped
inside the tub and turned on the shower. The water was
quite cool at first, but bliss adjusted it to where it was
just right against her skin. she used soap to clean the
deoderant off her underarms. You prefer this slave to smell
naturally, but professional obligations require that she
keep her natural scent covered. she picked up her razor and
ran it over the tiny hairs, removing them quickly and
cleanly. Next, she soaped up her legs and shaved them as
well. Standing under the spray of the shower, she rinsed
the remaining soap from her body, running her hands freely
over her breasts and stomach. Satisfied that her body was
clean, she turned off the water, grabbed her towel and began
to dry off. Dropping the towel to the floor, on top of the
clothes she had removed earlier, she quickly cleaned up the
enema equipment, put it away, and made sure the rest of the
bathroom was clean for Master's return. she then picked up
her clothes and the towel, and took them to the laundry room
and started a load in the washer. she checked the time and
it was now 6:15. Master would be home by 7:00 and she still
had quite a bit to take care of.

Since she was alone, bliss had not bothered to dress after
her cleaning. she walked naked through the house, picking
up as she went along. she had thoroughly cleaned the house
over the past few days, but with children, one must
constantly pick up behind them. Usually, she would have
them do this themselves. she quickly went to the kitchen to
wash the breakfast dishes, since she didn't get to them that
morning. There weren't many, so they were done and put away
by 6:30. One half hour to go, and bliss had taken care of
her cleansing and she had cleaned up the downstairs. Now,
she must finish preparing herself and make sure that
Master's room was straightened up, and that His clothes were

she flew up the stairs and opened the door to Master's room,
and found that it was already in perfect order. she had
made the bed this morning, as she always did, and had also
taken care of the dirty clothes. Master's night shirt and
pants were laid neatly on His nightstand. All she really
needed to worry about now was preparing herself and the "tools".

bliss stood before the mirror and brushed out her long red
hair. she parted it down the middle, starting at the crown
and going forward, then returning to the crown and down the
back of her head. she brushed the left side first, and
secured it high on her head like a dog ear. she repeated
the process on the right side, and then secured a pink
ribbon around each "ear". she went to the "toy box" and got
out her dog collar with the ropes attached, picked up the
whip, paddle, canes, and crop, and placed them neatly on the
end of the bed. she also picked up a butt plug and sat it
beside the punishment tools. Then, she made sure the bottle
of lubricant was close by, and grabbed her dog collar from
Master's desk drawer. she was ready.

she hurried down the stairs, not paying attention to what
time it was, not realizing that she still had about 15
minutes before Master would be home. she took the collar
into her mouth, got down on her hands and knees and waited
patiently by the door. she was a faithful pet waiting for
the return of her Master.

As she waited, her mind began to think about the things she
would be subjected to this weekend, and her nipples grew
stiff and her vagina began to ooze. she began to smell the
scent of her own sex, and it aroused her even further. she
knew Master would enjoy the smell as well. Silently,
patiently she waited. she heard the clock in the living
room as it ticked past the seconds. How long had she been
waiting. How much longer would she wait. she dared not
move to try and check the time. If Master got home and she
was not waiting for Him as He specified, she would be in
severe trouble, and their night might be jeopardized. So,
she waited, hoping she would hear Master's car soon.

bliss began to think about the beating she would endure this
evening. It was sure to be much worse than any she had ever
taken before, because it would be the first time they would
be alone. Master would not be holding anything back, and
she did not want Him too. she wanted to grow, she wanted to
be pushed, she wanted to feel His discipline for days
afterward. she wondered if she could take it. she wondered
if she would cry. she wondered if He would take pity on her
and let up. she wondered if He wouldn't. her heart began
to pound, and fear began to well up in her mind, but at the
same time, her vagina's arousal was beginning to drip from
between her legs.

Then, she heard the unmistakeable sound of a care door being
shut. He was home. The weekend was about to begin, for real.


It will get more interesting in the next chapter. this
slave promises!

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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