Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-21 02:28:15 (UTC)

Crap happens

Dearest Master,

Today was a really sucky day. First, this slave tried to
mow the lawn, but the front tire came off the wheel, so that
ended that idea. A couple hours later, You called because
You were on the road. Your car was making a terrible noise,
so You had to pull it into a gas station. You called the
garage and they sent a tow truck to pick it up, but this
slave had to come down and pick You up to take You on to
Your destination. Fortunately, You weren't that far away,
and You were only going to the other location to pick up
Your materials and head back home. The problem with the car
could be a major thing, and W/we are going to have to figure
some things out in order to meet O/our professional and
family obligations. this slave is feeling depressed over
all this stuff, and she knows that You are as well. W/we
have agreed though that tonight there are no problems.
There is just You and this slave, and W/we will enjoy E/each

this slave just gave herself a series of enemas to prepare
for tonight. she hopes that her cleansing is as successful
as last week's was. You were able to put Your penis into
this slave's anus several times, and everything remained
clean. this slave hopes tonight is just as good. this
slave fasted today, up until about 45 minutes ago. You told
this slave that You wanted her to eat a piece of toast and a
small piece of chicken, which this slave did, so the hunger
pangs have subsided.

When You and this slave got home this afternoon, W/we laid
down in O/our room, and this slave helped stroke You to an
orgasm. Then W/we slept. this slave knows that You got up
at some point because You had to put in an obligatory
appearance at the scheduled event for the day, but this
slave slept until after 6 PM, when You called to wake her.
she was very tired, and she is not really sure why.
Probably just being depressed.

this slave wanted to write more about O/our weekend alone,
but she is really not in the mood to write. she knows that
You really want her to do it though, so she is going to give
it a shot. this slave loves You so much, Master, and she
will do anything to please You. she is going to close this
entry and continue her story in the next one.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,