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2005-08-20 21:03:17 (UTC)

Sure thing

So I feel like a fucking retard sometimes.. But others, I
fucking rock. I gotta find the middle..
So right now, I am debating on this bowl. I have to work
tonight, but...not until 11...maybe I will put it away for
another day. I think I totally ruined a perfectly fine
friendship. I hate when that happens. I cant really write
what happened in here...but...Ill write it somewhere. All
I have to say..The first time was way different from the
second...I like the first time more...and Im not sure of
whats happening next. Probably nothing...maybe thats
alright. I m over it.
I slept ALL day Friday. Im a lazy bum.but Ive been up
almost all day today...i feel like I am on drugs
sometimes...even when I am really not. I have this huge
bruise on my thigh and I have no idea where it came from.
I dont really remember driveing home friday morning and I
dont remember getting here...damn I was tired and
fried.....yee haa.
I gotta stop this shit.

Im fucked..Im out.