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2005-08-20 05:24:16 (UTC)

Last day of pure freedom

Ok continuing on now...

Thursday- Well I'd spent the night alone the night before
and I tidied up and watched the OC and fell asleep at
around 2:30. Then at 8:30 I woke up to get ready. It was
another shitty, rainy day. I must admit I was getting very
annoyed at the weather and rain wasn't as beautiful after
like a freaking week of pure rain!!! I ate breakfast
verrrrry slooowly. haha then I got in the shower and got
ready and Kayla came over to drop her sleepover stuff off
and then I finished getting ready (after my nose stopped
bleeding. SHEESH!) we walked over to Katies and her dad
drove us into Edmonton Common and WE FOUND OUT THERE WAS
NO FREAKING NIKE OUTLET YET! So we went to Tommy Hilfigure
(spelling???) and La Senza. We honestly took like 45
miutes in La Senza. Katie ended up getting a bra that can
either be strapless or whatever else, and Kayla got this
really pretty expensive bra because she got a free bra cuz
her bra card was full. So yes. I didn't get anything but
it turns out that was a good thing. Because right after
that we went to Walmart because Katies dad wanted
Licorice. And so me, Katie and Kayla decided to do face
masks sometime (and it was Katies idea too! Wow have we
ever transformed her! haha) and so Kayla got makeup and
the mask, Katie got her dad's licorice and the mask, and I
got gum, a magazine and the mask. And I went to pay for it
because I had checked in the morning and I had almost $300
in my savings and so I was paying and it said that my
savings account hadn't been set up yet. I was so pissed
off. Kayla bought my stuff for me. And then back in the
vehicle I remember my parents had given me $60 for the
week and I still had most of that left. So I reimbursed
her and we went to The Marble Slab. And only Kayla got
icecream because Katie didn't want any and I was pissed
off at my bank. So then Katies dad took us to Superstore
so I could find out why the hell I wasn't getting any of
my money. And the guy said that for people under 18 they
hold the money you deposit for 2 weeks, and that I can't
take money out of my savings account and that I have to
transfer it into my chequings over the internet or phone
and then it'll be in there after 24 hours. How STUPID is
all of that? ARGH. So I did that and he said I'd have all
of my money by tomorrow (friday). So we all got dropped
off at my house and ate food and watched the OC. Then me
and Kayla did Katies hair. Funniest thing ever. We crimped
half of her head and curled the other half. It was pretty
funny. Then we walked her home and we got her brother,
Brian, to take pictures. Only he obviously didn't know how
to use the camera because he didn't end up taking any
actual pictures. Which was kinda funny. haha! Then me and
Kayla went home. And it was still raining. And it was
cold. I was in boxers, a t-shirt and flip flops, and she
was in a tanktop, jeans and shoes. AND I FROZE! But I
didn't care. I jumped in puddles anyways. And so we got
back to my house and we were excited to get warm and dry
again...and I realized I left my key at Katies. So I ran
back there in barefeet, sandals would have totally slowed
me down, and my feet went numb. lol. Then we finally got
back into the house and I had a quick shower while she
made soup and macaroni for dinner. Then we ate and got
ready for youth and we decided we didn't want to walk in
the rain, so we phoned Alex's mom and she came and got us.
And then she picked up Jacqui. haha. I think her husband's
name is Lyle. He came too. So anyways. Then we all met at
the church and actually not very many of us went. The
comedians were pretty funny only it was sad because I was
really tired and I had a headache so I had to actually
make myself stay awake and laugh. Laughing really sucks
when your head's pounding. So then afterwards Jann and
Lyle drove Jacqui home and then me and Kayla back to my
house. And me and Kayla had decided beforehand that we
were gonna order late night pizza. So we phoned and they
didn't even have a driver person and they were only open
until 11. So we walked there. And on the way this truck
kinda pulled up to us and was slowly crawling along and
the driver was like "Do you guys smoke?" and I was
like "No" and he just kept kinda looking at me like he
didn't belive me and I was like "I'm really not lying..."
and then he just kinda gave one last look and drove off.
And me and Kayla just kinda looked at each other. Like wow
that was wierd. Apparently Kayla was giving him a dirty
look from behind me. haha. So anyways. We got 2 hot-n-
ready pepperoni pizza's, 2 packages of crazy bread and we
were gonna get a family sized salad only they had no more
lettuce left so we were kinda sad about that. Then we went
to Mac's to get Salt and Vinegar chips, since I was out,
and we got Crunchies for desert. WOW ARE WE EVER HEALTHY.
I seriously bet I've gained about 20 pounds this week. Ok
probably not because I'm not really any fatter but STILL.
I eat like shit and I already have a high colesterol. haha
watch me die of a heart attack or something like that.
oooh ahh. Anyways. So we were walking back to my house and
we got there and we were full of pizza and then we were
like "We really should have gotten slurpees..." and so we
put the pizza in the fridge, grabbed our crunchies and set
off for 7 Eleven. Wow are we ever cool. So we ate our
chocolate bars on the way there and I got nerds and a
banana Milk2Go and she got candy and a raspberry iced tea.
Then we came back and we wanted to make her CD's so we
came on the computer and we were seriously on here until
like 5am. Like wow. We were sorting the music I already
had into groups for her CDs and downloading more stuff. We
finally went to bed and watched two episodes of the OC and
fell asleep a bit after 7am. Wow are we ever sad.

Friday- We slept until 2pm today and then ate breakfast
and then Kayla's mom came to pick her up. So I was bored.
I kinda hung around and then I got dressed and whatnot and
jogged to the mall (haha trying to make up for eating
complete shit for a week) with my bankcard. YAY FOR MY
MONEY!!! haha. I FINALLY got it. So I went to the shoe
place and got my shoes. Only it was 2 pairs for $50 -
which is a good deal, so I did that. Only I'm gonna take
the hightops back. Because they're black and the other
shoes I got are black too only they're skater shoes. So
I'll trade in the hightops for red ones. Ok so anyways.
Then I went to the CD store because I was thinking about
maybe buying and Alex-type CD. Only I didn't really know
what to look for. So I ended up buying The All-American
Rejects new CD and a CD from the OC. Then I went to
Zellers because I wanted to buy these little kid barettes
because well I'm jsut that cool. And I also wanted to get
$20 because I need it to reimburse my parents for my stuff
from Walmart and my spongebob boxers. So I did that only I
ended up buying some body lotion and spray, and the
barettes and also these clips. And on the way home I got a
booster juice for dinner. I was trying to be healthy.
haha. So in total- today I spent $137.63! YIKES. That's
just plain horrible. So I've decided to STOP spending my
money with the exception of now I've got to buy 2 zip up
hoodies. That's it. Nothing else. I have enough shoes,
pants, shirts, hoodies and whatever else. I don't NEED
anything else. Too bad for wants. I'm good. Ok so then I
came back from the mall and pretty much did nothing. I'm
gonna go now and clean up the house a bit. I never told my
grandma that I have to work from 12-7:30 tomorrow so I've
gotta walk. Which means I have to get up at like 9:45 so
I'll be sure to be ready and out of the house by 11. Not
that it takes me an hour to walk to the mall but I always
take forever to get ready and leave 10 minutes late
anyways. And also I have to be a bit early for work too.
Ok so anyways. Afew episodes of the OC and I'd better be
asleep by 1:30 AT THE LATEST. Or I'll be very mad at
myself. So. I'm off. Later!

Oh and my family comes home tomorrow night. I'm kinda
happy because that means I won't be eating shit all day
long and staying up all night. But it will be wierd to not
have as much freedom as I did all week long. But wow. I
had NO boys over at all. Go me. I'm actually quite proud
of that fact. Ok and now I'm really gonna go because its
like 11:30 and I gotta do dishes and whatnot.