Autum's Leaves
2005-08-20 03:45:50 (UTC)

Through the Keyhole

"To the love, I left my conscience pressed, through the
keyhole I watched you dress, kiss and tell, loose lips sink

So, guess who I saw today? The one guy that always seems
to show up when I least expect it.

The Boarder.

So, yeah, went over to his house, sat around and had
some fun, watched CSI and bitched because it always pisses
me off. But, we sat around and then I see him staring at
me, in that really sexy way he always does, and he motions
for me to go back to his room. I just laugh a little and go
back to watching tv with his friend. After awhile, he gets
behind the couch and whispers in my ear to go back to his
room because he wants to see me naked...which I laughed at,
and then he says...or not. Haha, so I sit there for a
minute and then get up and we go back in the room. He's
still got the greatest lips ever, and he still keeps his
face close to me the whole time, like I love. I don't think
either of us had had sex in a little while, he didn't last
very long, and I didn't get to give him any head. But, he's
great as always. I mean, Great, as always. I don't think I
could ever get tired of him. Not only that but he actually
like, saw me out today, which was weird, and we actually
just talked for awhile and hung out. But when I was
leaving, he held the door open for me and we talked and
picked on each other, like I like, and then he kissed me
goodnight. *shrugs* So, yeah, I really enjoy myself with
him and it's been really great to get to sleep with him for
so long, which is nice. I mean, I've been sleeping with him
since May. That's three months of sleeping with one
guy...*thinks* My last relationship didn't last that long.

But, anyways, my friend is coming over in a little bit
and we're going to go out partying for a little bit.
*shrugs* I think I'd rather not go, but I guess I'll just
DD for the night or something. Anyways, I shall catch up
and tell you the story later.

P.S. My A key has popped off my laptop and it's super
pissing me off that I can't get it to work again. Agh.