I drink Alone
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2005-08-20 03:15:30 (UTC)

Painting Pokey the puppy

Okay, it was an accident..a sort of accident.
Today I painted a baby chest for all the baby clothes I have
not bought yet.
Mostly for the stupid stuffed animals and blankies people
give me..It seems those two items are the only gifts most
people can think of.
Pokey the baby corgi wouldn't get out from under my feet as
usual so I painted a couple white spots on him.
He didn't seem to mind but he did mind the bath I gave him
with a good scrub down.

Friday night..I stayed in.
It's not much fun going out anymore.
Everyone is always making a fuss and telling me what I
should and shouldn't do..Forcing food down me.
They seem to think I should gain another full grown person.

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