Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-08-20 01:03:39 (UTC)


In reality, it seems as if I am pushing you farther and
farther away
It seems like it’s yesterday and that I can’t focus on
Is it just my imagination or are people starting to
I just wish they wouldn’t fade away. I want them to

It’s just so dark here, it gets so lonely sometimes
I can’t pretend I don’t make mistakes. No, I’m not really
So I made a wish today, that people who judged me would
fade away
But the ones who faded away were the ones I loved the most
So if they fade away from me, how am I supposed to live?
Its part of my nature, my depression, and my sin I must
learn to forgive

In reality, I’m so fed up inside
I hide around every corner so I don’t see what lies behind
The Mystery of how I feel, I’m so confused right now
But I can’t convince myself that this is real, but anyhow…

It’s a new day for depression, suggestions?
It’s all about hate and rejections
Expectations, evaluations, conversations that don’t last
so long
A punishment for me to fade away and I thought that I felt
And all along, you knew my thoughts were all lies
You wouldn’t tell me different every time that I would cry
I guess it’s over between the depression and I
Cuz I no longer feel like I have to lie

August 19, 2005
Kendra Adams