Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-08-19 23:38:29 (UTC)


Why do you find yourself as a worthless being?
Is it from what they've said, how you've been treated?
Is it from your own mind - your acceptance that you'll
become nothing and no one?
I would be glad you have learned to accept yourself, but not
the way you have done it
How can it be good to accept that you are nothing worth
time, nor friendship, love, or purpose?
You have to face disappointment, but what if you truly try,
apply yourself, and are open� What if something happens?
You might as well - you only have one life to live.

Boy did it kill me to hear that one word response - "Maybe"
As it echoes in my head (maybe-maybe-maybe),
I wonder if you really meant it
I hope, I desperately hope, that you did not
The future cannot be definite
We don't have that kind of power
To know the future clearly
No matter how much you plan, things may end up differently;
You never know what is going to happen
This is no reason to fear the future
The future is yours. The future is real.
All you have to do is try.
That question that I asked you, "What do you see in your
future? Nothing? What happens then?"
Your sad reply, "Who says I have to have a future?"
Well, who says you *don't* have to have a future? Huh?
I say you do, as long as you let yourself,
you can and you will
My next question, "You don't want a future?"
An even sadder reply this time, "No"
No, you do not want to have a future;
this pains me even if I feel the same
My third question, "But you're not going to stop it from
happening are you?"
There comes your one word answer... "Maybe."
Never has a "maybe" had such an ability to mean something
Please, do not leave again. Do not leave me here; knowing
you may want your life to end. Stay. Talk with me.
Listen to me. Let me... let me fill you in with the truth.
You are not worthless
You are not friendless
You are not loveless
You are not alone even if you think you want to be
You are not a waste of my time
You are not a pointless case
You will never be any of the above,
as long as you let me be in your life.