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2005-08-19 23:16:13 (UTC)

Today, I ended up going to Chad..

Today, I ended up going to Chad's for a quickie. And
trust me it was definatley a quickie. He is absolutely
horrible. I think I have decided not to do anything else
him. He doesn't turn me on for nothing. I kept wandering
thru the fix when he would finish. Then later today he
had a bad day, I made a cute comment about starting his
day right and he said kinda did. How am I supposed to
take that? So I have decided no more, if he asks me again
to come over I will have to mention his commemt. Even if
he is having a bad day, I don't need to hear that. I did
talk to Ryan some today. He is interested in getting
together again, which I can not wait!! But this time he
wants me to ask him. He wants to be chased this time. I
think I could do that especially together. At least the
ice is broken around us. I was beginning to worry that he
decided not to be near me at all. Sometimes men do that.