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2005-08-19 05:52:01 (UTC)


When u realize ur quality of life is low, what is it that
fills that void? things?

perception, comfortzone, outside the box.

we all die. I will die, one day. i never want to die, isnt
that natural human instinct. does not mean i wont fear

when ur 19, u think u know the world. but u really dont.
why is it that humans g othru this?

priorities. although, we all die someday

my inspiration is .. knowledge... understanding, high
awareness. to see the world, truly.

i am scared.

such trivial things the mind consumes us with, .. perhaps
a diversion caused by fear. a diversion none the less.

what is it i am here for.

there is no way t oexplain a state of mind. what means one
thing now, will mean another later, and will mean
something different to every siigle person. u can never
truly "know' a person. ever. u can only know yourself, if

the only thing thgat gives meaning to something, is you.
nothing here means anything to me. everything is just an
the only thing that matters to me, that i place value
apn. are the lives and feelings of those around me.
and the feelings of myself.

to see a smile on a young childs face, to see a spark of
joy in an old mans smile.
to know that i hae tuched someone, somehow. made thier
lives easier, if only for a moment.

i sit stoicly. sorting out random thoughts, emotions. but
its so trivial. as if, i have to put in words to
understand it. do i need language to understand myself?

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