Autum's Leaves
2005-08-19 03:52:29 (UTC)

Might As Well Have Fun

"Might as well have fun, since your happiness is done."

My roommate and I are still sparing, sort of. She's out
for the night, while I idly waste my time away until I've
gone to bed too late for work tomorrow morning. While at
first I was happy not to have a roommate that wouldn't come
home at four in the morning dry heaving, I'm not liking
having one that dosen't at least know what dry heaving is,
in reference to alcohol. There's a fine line between being
the victim of overbearing parents and just being plain
immature. When you still watch the disney channel without
fail, I'd say it's more than just your parents not letting
you watch R-rated movies.

But then again, what do I know? I mean I was just raised
on both sides, and have lived through both over and under
bearing parents.

So, my guys.

*sigh* The guys.

I've been hanging out with one of my friends lately, the
innocent badass, who has a ridiculously cool car that I
just adore being seen in. We've been driving around getting
things done to it here and there and everywhere we go I
hear about the boarder. Nothing in particular, that he was
there last week, that he applied for a job here awhile
back, that him and this guy aren't getting along anymore.
But, regardless I still hear about him everywhere...and
truth be told, I miss him.

The up shot however, is that I might be getting laid
tomorrow. You never really know with these things. The
aussie is visiting on Friday and the *thinks* beefcake, is
visiting on Saturday. So, I might doing the closest thing
to playing the field I will ever do, and I'm really not
happy they both decided to come visit me on a weekend that
I had orientation and had to work and had to deal with the
two of them. But, we'll just have to see how that works
out. I'm pretty...non feeling about the situation, for some
reason. While I should be happy, I'm just not so excited

While back in never never land, aka college, I've been
flirting up a storm, but really just making new friends.
Although I don't think the tennis guy I stared at today,
who waved to me, who I waved back to really counts as a
friend yet. ...I may change that sooner or later. Oh, I'm

My bestest friend in the known universe is happily
attending her new college. Happy for the most part, minus
the pairing with her roommate Malibu Barbie. You think I'm
kidding, but in essance, not at all. I'm going to go visit
her and...*thinks* my other friend down there sometime. I
might take off a day next weekend and stay the night or
something down there. Either that or just switch some time
on my schedule.

Don't know why I really feel like typing tonight.

I had a very accomplished moment the other night. While
I had spent my whole day fending off a pack of thirteen
year olds who have a crush on me, another thirteen year old
and I watched/pretended to be on College Jeopardy. One of
the guys hit a double jeopardy question, the woman showed
up on the screen, said the quote, none of them answered it
correctly. Except me.

I will give you Fifty points of coolness and one of my
illustrious e-hugs if any of you can get it
right...although I'll never know if you just looked it up
on the net or not, I'm holding you to your word that your
an honorable human being.

The quote: "Men seldom make passes,
At girls who wear glasses."