2005-08-19 03:11:27 (UTC)

Change in plans

Im gonna have to get the shit on the 29th during the day,
then goto my drug class and then either do a bowl that
night or possibly later on the 30th. My mom schedualed a
shrink appointment at 3 on that day...I was so pissed.
Tommorow morning I meet with Marty. He's gonna gimmie one
last UA...Or atleast I hope. Im gonna ask him if he wants me
to come into his place on that Saterday and if he does, im
not gonna toke until then. Im gonna ask when the memo is
gonna be written to the judge, although I believe as soon as
my conditions are met, im off of probation regardless.
Hopefully so. Because if that is so and I find that out, I
am going to toke on the 29th out of my new bowl. Its gonna
be sweet. 10 days for the most part until I get the bag.