I drink Alone
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2005-08-19 02:57:09 (UTC)

But I don't wanna talk about it anymore....

I dream about a baby every night..but in the dreams it's a
little boy..Wonder if that means anything.
Not that I mind..As long as he/she is healthy it's fine with
But it does put a stump on the name picking..I can't think
of any little boys names I really like...

As more time passes I get more and more worried...I'm a
afraid of the whole actually having a baby part...It just
doesn't seem possible.
I don't really know anyone to talk or ask advice from.
Anyone related is too busy telling me why I shouldn't do
stuff to actually listen.
Like my Mom and sister is all pissed off cause I said I
wasn't going to nurse longer than a couple weeks.
Mom is super pissed cause I won't wear the clothes she
bought me but come on..I'm not going to have her dressing me
again..I'd like to think I grew out of that stage.
And a bunch of things I don't care to get into..but it's
totaling out to making me very frustrated and depressed.
I hope that doesn't get passed on..if it does my baby will
probably come out smoking.