Nick's Journal
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2005-08-19 02:38:58 (UTC)


so i decided to take a random wednesday off. i mean what's
the use of a wednesday if you don't take it off? well
anyhow, here i am driving my car down main street (i
actually live on a "main street"). and i'm seeing all these
SHJS. what is a an SHJ you ask me. well an SHJ stands for
Should Have a Job (mostly plural). these are the guys about
30 walking down main street or route one with a dazed grin
and a brown paper bag.
the men who you avoid. the ones you see and just think,
shouldn't they be working? they are a socialists
justification. ooooo, life sucks, life is so hard, i must
walk. you know what? i distrust and hate anyone who walks
for no reason down some un-in-habitable stretch of
commercial freeway. there is no reason for it. sure i have
had my liberal friends challenge me with, "well you walk
don't you?", yeah, in the fucking forest. these SHJS walk
for no reason to no destination, to them the very essence of
life is that their erroneous journey is their destination,
the alcoholic induced hallucination of grandeur is worth the
road of 90 degree scorchign heat.
i drove and walked by them, and i hate and pity them at the
same time. isn't that something? talk about the two most
degrading perceptions of a human being, no-one wants to be
hated, but even less want to be pitied.
pity is the worst of all, you are below even my hatred. not
even worth it, oh please if only you got a shave....maybe i
could hate you. but you are so pathetic. these are the
SHJS. they walk aroun with brown paper bags, in a futile
"to kill a mockingbird" ironic disillusionment. i pity you.
as if the lackluster, loss of life has pre-disposed me to
some pantheistic jehovah induced salvation. i know your
self-degradation and i love it.
simply you judge your city by your SHJS. the number of
people who should have jobs, and who you just feel really
shouldn't. at first you feel pity, but then a smile creases
the left side of your mouth, governed by the sarcastic,
sacrimonious side of your right brain. as you realize the...