Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-19 02:26:12 (UTC)

The best "laid" plans

Dearest Master,

Well, it dawned on U/us today that Friday night will not be
an option for U/us. You have made a commitment to attend an
event, and it would be especially bad form to try and back
out of it, considering the type of event that it is. It is
also in a different town, so there is no way for U/us to
have O/our time T/together on Friday night. You made this
slave an offer that W/we go ahead and do the same activities
tonight that W/we had planned for tomorrow night, but as You
gave her the option, she declined. she doesn't like to feel
rushed, and knowing the work W/we needed to prepare first,
and how long her anal preparation takes, she reluctantly
passed on Your offer. she would have loved to have had the
time with You, but it would have been much too short. As it
is, W/we will be spending some time T/together tonight, just
not anally, and probably with much less beating involved.
this slave is just happy to be able to spend time alone with

Tomorrow, this slave will be alone with the kids. Since
it's Friday night, W/we may all sleep downstairs. she will
watch their favorite DVD's with them, make them popcorn, and
play games with them. this slave really misses You when You
have to be away from us, but it is always fun spending that
kind of time with the kids.

this slave got herself into a bit of trouble last night
regarding bed times. she kept trying to talk her way out of
trouble, but as is always the case, she only succeeded in
further angering You. she doesn't know why she does this.
she knows what it does to You, and how it makes You feel.
For some stupid reason this slave still thinks she can talk
You out of anger. she has gotten better as of late, but
last night proved that she is not there yet. she finally
shut her mouth, put on her blind fold and tried to sleep.
she was not having much success as she tossed and turned a
few times. Then, she heard Your voice, apologizing for Your
anger at her. she quickly apologized to You, and after that
she fell asleep almost immediately. The only problem was
that she slept so deeply that she slept through both the
alarm and tv going off. she woke up about 45 minutes late,
and had to really hustle to get ready for work. she made it
though, no later than if she had gotten up on time. she
just hates being rushed.

this slave is going to join You in about 15-20 minutes, so
she is going to sign off for now. this slave loves You so
much, Master, and she is sorry W/we will not be T/together
tomorrow night. she does know that W/we will make up for it
Saturday night!

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,