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2005-08-18 15:12:39 (UTC)

out of place

today is a bad day. i have never been before feel so out of
place. i don't belong to anything or anyone and i don't feel
belong either.

This feeling sucks. I feel so lonely and sad. I don't feel
belong in school, in Provence or even amongst my friends.

I feel peaceful only when I am in my own room. Nobody can
disturb me here. I'm totally on my own. I want to cry and
kill myself. I feel that there is nothing that matters to me

I hate having this thought that everyday is a chore. But if
I don't lose myself in my work, my life will become even
more miserable.

i have never fitted in. i have always been the odd one out.

i feel sad. i am so detached from my family. there are times
when i really want to cut all the relationships.

My sister sent me a sms this morning. Instead of feeling
cared for, I think it's the most stupid and nosy message of
all. I don't like my life to be watched.

just leave me alone.

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