How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-08-18 13:24:37 (UTC)

Harry and the Nut Allergy

Today we had the little boy with the nut allergies show up
to little kindy. Well that was a production and a half if
i do say so myself. Everything had to be washed down and
cleaned thouroughly before he could even go and play
outside after morning tea and lunch. He couldnt even sit
with all the other kids, but Zoe is allowed to sit with
him because she has a lunch packed for her so she can sit
with him. If Harry even touches something that had traces
of nuts on it, he will break out and go into anaphylactic
shock and we would have to implement the epi pen into his
thigh...something i do not wish to experience to be
honest. But yes it was a production of a day and i had
alot of fun learning how to clean everything and how to
manage the children around him.

We had a few accidents today, poor little bridie fell flat
on her face off the balance beam and she is only 2 so she
completely lost face and had to have her dummy and
blanket. Poor little thing. We had someone else hit
another child lol, i realise i shouldnt laugh at that, but
since the children cant see me, i will because i find it a
little bit hilarious.

Some of the children dont speak very well, slow and sloppy
most of the time but i was really impressed with jaspers
talking as of late, he is just coming right out of his
shell and just letting it all rip, as is jordy, he is just
becoming so well spoken and seemingly all by himself too.

Had a good arvo also, got a second child care position for
fridays and will be able to get more experience whilst
studying at RHP C.C.C with the traineeship. I got referred
to them by Renae who came to work with us this past week
in place of Kathy who is on holidays up at Fraser Island

I'm also baffled as to whats going on in my life
currently, some things are really confusing me but then
others are just surprising me more and more each day. I
really didnt think that whats happened in the last 7 weeks
would happen but i am really happy that most of it has. I
would like some situations to become a bit better and
happier and easier to deal with but sometimes these things
just dont happen. I mean i have to say i am happy, i have
lost 5.5 kilos in 6 weeks and feeling pretty proud of
myself, but there are other things, which really make me
start to ask questions, like why is my guinea pig getting
so fat and whats wrong with such and such, and what can i
do to make things easier?

One of my friends said to me tonight " i can be so
irresponsible at times " and after thinking about this
statement i replied with " yes, but arent we all at some
points in out lives? ". True yes? I know i am
irresponsible in some aspects of life, i'm not perfect and
i'm not old enough to be perfect in the responsibility
area but i know that i can be. I might not always be, and
i am trying to show people that i can be, but some just
will never see that i am responsible.

Shrugs, i dont know what to think anymore, if anyone wants
to cheer me up go for it, i would like a bit of cheering
up because right now nobody else is trying to.