Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-18 00:47:21 (UTC)

Looking forward to O/our weekend.

Dearest Master,

There is not much for this slave to write about today.
Things are going well between U/us, although W/we are still
having O/our financial woes. this slave knows that things
will get better soon, although the process can be
excruciating. W/we will be fine. In fact, W/we will thrive.

Your job interview on Tuesday was cancelled at the last
minute, but it has been rescheduled. W/we choose to look at
this as a good thing, because W/we can better prepare You to
wow them. this slave knows that You would have impressed
them before, but given a few more preparation days, and You
will knock their socks off!

this slave is really looking forward to this weekend. she
knows that You are looking forward to it as well. she keeps
thinking of being spread out on Your bed, first being beaten
with the rods, whip, and paddle, followed by a good breast
whipping. Then, when the discipline is over, the bondage
begins. You have told this slave that this weekend she will
be tied, wrist to ankle, before You put Your penis inside of
her anus. Most likely, You will blindfold and gag her
first. Then, You will have her back on the bed, with her
bottom hanging over the edge and her legs in the air. Next,
You will bind her left ankle to her left wrist, and repeat
the binding with her left ankle and wrist. Finally, You
will stand over her bound and gagged body, lift up her legs
even higher, and not so gently insert Yourself into the
tightest of her bodily openings. You will show no mercy.
You will not hold back. You will thrust Yourself in and out
of her tiny, puckered anus without regard for what she is
feeling. Make no mistake, she knows that You will not harm
her, but You will take what is Yours. You will demand and
receive that for which You desire. Your passions and
thirsts will be quenched. You will ejaculate and cum inside
and all over Your slave. she will be Your vessel of
pleasure to do with as You see fit. And in the end, whether
she is allowed release or not, she will be satisfied in her
servitude to You. she needs no more pleasure than what she
takes in serving You. Then, You will put her to bed, still
bound and ready for You should You decide to use this slave
again. *sigh* When will Friday get here?!?

this slave must sign off for now. You are helping her out
with some cooking tonight, but she needs to finish up with
the clean up and getting things put away.

Master, this slave loves You so much, and she can hardly
wait for U/us to be T/together this weekend! By the way,
she has not forgotten about the story You asked her to write
about how W/we will spend a weekend alone. As opposed to
previous fantasies she has written on this subject, this
will be pure reality. she hopes to be able to start writing
about it in the next few days.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,