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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-08-17 22:25:43 (UTC)

sub diary 17-08-05


i had a better day today. yesterday i had told Master i
hated my business, which was a lie. Master thought i would
use my shop as a place to escape to away from the bustle.
well it is. when i am there i am happy and away from my
homelife. i escape by imagining i am someone else. but at
end of day i must come back to reality. as they ate my
dinner last night i refused to cook tonight. i felt bad
but you know what..they cooked instead. they even made sure
i had something unlike last night. i am amazed.

i get pleasure from belonging to Master and this is the
basis of my being. at times i get no pleasure from serving
others. it is difficult to put into words exactly what i
mean. at times for me to understand my feelings i actually
put myself in the place of my dog. she gives me
unconditinal love. she can be naughty at times. but she
also obeys me and i feel this is because of the mutual love
we have for each other. she doesnt always listen to others
commands. she seems to be selective. i dont feel i am a dog
or any other animal in anyway. this isnt the kind of slave
i am. everyone is different in the way they interact.

i was unable to chat to Master today so He left me some
nice offline messages. congratulations Master. i am so
proud of You.

slave jessica {MJ}

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