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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-08-17 18:18:35 (UTC)

answer to question

My sweet slave asks some questions here I wish I did not
have to answer.....she asks why when she does things for
me, and recieves my love, then asks why not the same in
her family.
The answer hurts to answer, yes her Master loves her more
than family may love or show love to her.

I am patient as I know right now so much in my slaves life
causing so much stress for her. guests asking so much of
her, true they sometimes know not what they ask of my
slave, and much of this sadlyis long standing issue in her
family. They were given a amazing gift when she was
born...yet in a way sad to say had best present in the
wolrd yet wanted a different wrapper on present.

I did ask some hard questions, not testing my slave yet
seeing where she was mentally, and to get level of her
frustration on collar stuff especially. I knew the answers
to some of questions, glad to hear answer, and yes this
helps me understand level of training is at in my sweet
slaves life.

Hardest part is being unable to give slave things she
needs most...ok for you dirty minded readers, get mind out
of the gutter... I am talking about in person love, big
long hugs and a shoulder to cuddle into as she sleeps in
her Masters arms.

Right now so much going on there for her. I wish I copuld
do more...her busyness with big deal there keeps her
getting things she also needs so bad...I can't wait to
hear her beg for permission to cum for me, and to hear her
counting her punishments.

For my teasing slaves comments, about cleaning car out, a
few plastic diet pop bottles but most some papers needing
to be trown out but mostly some things from my big hobby
and activity to clear room in back seat, for group I crove
to event tonight.

Wish my slave could have been there. we will experience
some better but not quite on same scale.

Ate some cooked sushi tonight, never does much for me.

Today was good day for Master, work brought some changes
that will be good for /Master and slave in long run, see
pon short term, maybe more hours at work and maybe
different shifts later, work will be busy later.

But a nice raise and honestly huge one is always nice, one
of those days were you feel rewarded for putting up with
lots of shit for long time.

I hope my slave can see lesson in Master's life to maybe
fit deal of Master where one puts up with
shit pays off later, soon her guests will go home, then
later get raise she wants from being my guest here.

wearing my collar, tight miniskirt, long hair flowing down
back, lips making me happy, and vice versa.
Master Joel

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