Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-17 01:30:21 (UTC)

Stupendous Saturday Night!

Dearest Master,

First of all, this slave must apologize for being delinquent
in her journalling the past few days. You know how busy she
has been, and You completely understand, but this slave
still feels badly for not having been able to keep up her
diary along with everything else that she has been doing.

Saturday morning was a wonderful start to the day, followed
by an even better Saturday night. You woke this slave up
about 8 AM because You wanted her to serve You. she was
very groggy and still very sleepy after having slept on the
floor. she joined You in Your bed, stretched out beside You
and began to stroke Your testicles and legs while You
masturbated. Before long, You had this slave mount You,
sticking Your penis up inside her vagina. Bonded
T/together, this slave rode You up and down, thrusting
herself against You to drive Your penis up inside her as far
as possible. she rode You for several minutes while You
pinched and pulled on her nipples, speaking of the way she
used to give You milk when she was nursing. this slave
loves riding up and down on Your penis, but it takes an
incredible amount of focus to keep herself from cumming. It
is a matter of obedience and pride, but she loves the fact
that when You have vaginal sex with her that she is not
allowed to have an orgasm. It is one of the practices that
W/we have instituted that instills in her mind the reality
of her slavery to You. she so looks forward to the day when
You place a chastity belt around her hips and lock the
shield between her legs, cutting off her own touch from her
sexual organs. she could almost cum just thinking about it,
without even touching herself. Hmmmm, this slave wonders
what will happen when she is locked up. she knows she will
be able to control her body, just as she always has, she
would never, could never, cum without Your expressed permission.

Now, Saturday night...

As soon as this slave finished her diary entry on Saturday
night, she made her way to the bathroom to cleanse herself
internally. she had eaten sparingly the entire day, as she
did not want to prolong this step. The longer it takes to
cleanse, the less time W/we have T/together, and the more
frustrated You become. this slave did take time to shave
her legs after cleansing, which did add another 15 minutes
to her ritual. This upset You a little, but only because
this slave did not inform You that shaving her legs would be
part of this routine. this slave slipped out of her
clothing and stood naked before You. You told her to fetch
the butt plug, turn around and bend over while leaning on
the chair. this slave complied, and soon she felt the blue
rubber member poised at the entrance to her anus. she
relaxed as much as she could, and then began to bear down as
You pushed the plug up inside of me. this slave doesn't
really like this plug, as the base is not much thinner than
the fattest part, and it really stretches her anal opening.
she was losing her edge, and You noticed that she was not
enjoying the process. You told this slave to remove the
plug, and then assume the position on the end of the bed.
this slave bent over the bed, awaiting the sting of the rod.
You did not disappoint. You whipped this slave's bottom
hard, using all Your favorite instruments. Then, You told
this slave to rise and face You. After kissing her
passionately for a couple of minutes, You told her to put
her hands behind her head, at which time You picked up the
small double rods, and began to beat this slave's breasts.
she forced herself to stand stock still as You stroked each
breasts 4-5 times, with a couple landing on each nipple.
she knew she could not take much more, and then You stopped.
You smiled at this slave and told her she did very well.
Better than she had done in quite some time. this slave
smiled back, proud of her accomplishment.

Now, came the time for the preparation to pay off. It has
been years since You put Your penis into this slave's
rectum. In fact, it was years before this slave even became
Your slave. It was not a very satisfying experience for
either of U/us. No prep work was done, and it became quite
a messy, rather distasteful undertaking. Saturday night was
just the opposite. this slave was perfectly clean and
pristine inside her anus, and she was ready for You to enter
her. At first, W/we put a condom on Your penis, but the
lack of feeling caused You to lose rigidity. Once You
removed it, everything went really well. this slave lay on
her back, spread her legs and put them high in the air. You
grabbed her legs, pulling her bottom up off the bed. Then,
You placed Your penis at the entrance to her tiny, puckered
hole, and began to force Yourself inside. You had already
lubed Your penis, so You slipped right in with almost no
resistance. Then, the action began. You held this slave's
legs up and out, pushing in and out, driving Yourself as
deeply as possible, and then pulling almost all the way out.
this slave felt the pressure of a foreign body inside of
her anus, but she also felt pleasure that she had never felt
before. There was no pain at all, and even though her legs
were being held in what would seem to be an uncomfortable
position, she was actually feeling really good. The
sensations she was feeling were wondeful, but oddly enough,
she was not feeling the urge to cum at all. she was
enjoying the feelings immensely, and she didn't have to
concentrate on not cumming. she could just lie back, relax,
and enjoy what was happening. Strangely, You didn't cum
either. this slave isn't sure whether You were holding
back, or if You just didn't feel the right stimulation. You
had sex with this slave's anus for several minutes, B/both
of U/us enjoying it so much that W/we didn't want it to end.
You finally pulled out, grabbed Your penis, and jacked
Yourself off over this slave's stomach. There was not a lot
of ejaculate, but this slave could tell that You really felt
good. When You were done, Your penis appeared quite clean,
except for the lube that still clung to it. this slave
dressed in her nightie and ran downstairs to get You a wet
and dry cloth. this slave cleaned You up, and W/we spent a
bit more time with You beating this slave's bottom. Then,
You had her lie back on her back once again, and went for a
repeat performance.

W/we spent a bit more time T/together, looking at pics, etc,
and this slave spent another night on the floor. You did
wake her up around 7 AM, and invited her into You bed to
stay. this slave was glad. her back was killing her after
2 nights in a row, but she knows that the bed belongs to
You, and it is always Your decision as to whether or not
this slave is allowed access to it.

You have told this slave that You are looking to have repeat
performances both Friday and Saturday night, so this slave
will have to watch her intake carefully, and get some more
distilled water to cleanse her intestines. she is becoming
an anal slave, and she is loving it!

this slave must sign off for now. she has been writing for
quite some time, and as usual, she has probably overdone the
details. she will wrap it up now.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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