Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-08-16 21:24:17 (UTC)

Sake of

Yes, I am only writing an entry, for the sake of writing
an entry.

I won't answer the phone. I won't take my calls ... If
they aren't calling after mid night, then it's no one
worth talking to.

I feel like ... I want to be alone.

Kind of ... Only my closest freinds ... *Sigh*

My aunt called two days ago. I know she wants me to visit
for a couple days. I haven't returned the call.

I can hardly say no to people, even if it's not in my up
most desire to leave this chair. Fuck.

I was talking to Danny earlier ...

Alycon dumped him. But, it was all a mistake so I was
told. SHe thought he cheated on her, when he didn't. And I
know he wouldn't.

He was a mess. I used the old "On your feet soldier" on
him. It worked. He's on his way to Alycon's right now. It
makes me feel a little bit ... needed I guess.

Alot of people find the urge to depend on me at once. I
don't mean to sound arrogant. Or anything. But they do,
and I become stretched. Until I break. Over and over again.