Loser In The Making
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2005-08-16 12:04:10 (UTC)


i had a pretty scary dream the other night. it had me and
ksenia in it. there were these terrorist peoples. and they
were attacking a farie ksenia and i were on.. and we were
on it together.. but we docked and people started running
for their lives.. and i got seperated from ksenia.. and i
was scared and runing through these forest type things...
and i ran into this dead body next to a creek and it
freaked me out so i started running in the oposite
direction. and next thing i know im running in these
apartment type things and i see ksenia and i run up to her
with tears streaming down my face and i gave her a big hug.
and for some reason i ran back to the fairy... and saw
adults being killed but not the kids... and some of the
adults were going through this secret tunnle thingy. and
when the terrorists were shooting their guns.. they werent
being carefull.. they hit some of the kids but the kids
didnt die.. it was like one of those video game things
where you cant hurt your own teammates.... yeah anyways i
woke up freakin out. it was really scary. cause like... the
thought of losing ksenia. sheesh. shes my bestfriend and i
would seriously be lost without her. i know that sounds
corny but its seriously the truth. me and her cant stand to
not see eachother for more than like 3 days. we're odd. but
thats cause we are who we are. but like yeah.. then i had a
continuation of the dream.. that im not sharing with
anyone.. i hate it when my dreams have a "to be continued"

i guess today is when we're supposed to go and get out
lockers. bleh. i really dont want to get a locker or my
schedual today *shrugs* im probably gonna go a couple weeks
before school starts cause i already know all my classes.

Your Odd Boo.

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