How Do I Tell Them...
2005-08-16 11:30:56 (UTC)

You had a bad day

Well the last couple of days have been interesting to say
the very least...lets start at the beginning and make up
some shit as we go along shall we?

Monday morning, 6:30am wake up with what feels like a
hangover but cant possibly be one as i havent had alcohol
in about 8 weeks, trudge to work where everyone else feels
exactly the same way because the whole child care centre
has come down with the same flu lol...including the girl
who left last week who rang to see if we were sick
too...had to do a cooking lesson that morning but silly me
put a huge amount of salt in instead of sugar due to a
mislabelled container...well lets just say i will never
live that down for the next 12 months. That day flew
afterwards, then i got up this morning at the same time
and felt a bit better. Head spinning, ears blocked and
cant hear the sound of my own farts along with a tickly
throat and a gooey nose which was blocked, but not so
blocked that i couldnt smell the dirty pooey nappies i
changed today. I got first lunch today which i hate doing
because i would prefer to go later but schmeh. I learnt
some of the childrens bags and put name to backpack today
along with the substitute, who mind you got abused by a
parent today for no reason other than that particular
parent is as dumb as she is blonde and has a spoilt brat
for a child. We left 15 minutes early purely because we
were done and tomorrow is a public holiday...looking
forward to that cos it means i can rest easy for a little
while tomorrow and sleep in. Work on thursday though and i
am not complaining, i am loving this job and the children
that come with it. They are starting to trust me, even
Charlie who last week screamed my ears off and kicked me
whilst changing his nappy. He is now being a wonderful
child towards me. They are starting to get to know my name
and i have got almost everyones names right so far. To be
honest some of them i have grown to love already. Alright
enough whinging and whining, I'm going to go have some
cold and flu tabs and go to bed. If you want to leave a
message go for it, if you cant be bothered then dont lol.
Have a good day tomorrow everyone.

Words of wisdom: Don't let someone tell you what you can
or cannot do. Only you yourself truly knows what you can
and cannot do, so don't be put down by others when they
say you cannot do something. Work to achieve this
something and prove them all will feel alot
better in the long run.

Adios Biatches And Bastardos

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