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2005-08-16 11:24:24 (UTC)


i wonder why all of the sudden, my girlfriend wants to make
up with people. I mean she tells me on the phone that she
wants to make up, and then attempts to make up through IM
conversations with people she claimed to have hated. Its all
very confusing to me why all of the sudden she did this. I
mean she states that its to get people off her back. But i
mean with one of my ffriends i dont know if he should be
forgiven because I mean it takes a lot to say "i didnt mean
it and it was all huge misunderstanding" from "shes a slut"
and then afterwards "i did have some pretty good points."
But i mean people need to be fogiven eventually, although
its fuckin retarded how I have to get dragged into the hate
circle...whatever...anyhow, with my other jackass friend, I
mean at times she was a bitch, but thats how a lot-if not
all- of girls are. But its like that whole my girlfriend and
her hating each other shouldnt have happened according to
her...but its like at the same time, g/f claims to have
originally disliked my jackass friend from the start, and
only pretended to like her because everyone else did
(basically, its confusing but I think g/f wanted to fit in
with the rest of us by liking jackass). I mean I dont know
what to do with this, so I think im going to not give any
advice out for the time being or even talk about this. Like
if my ffriend or my other jackass friend make a remark about
this im going to ignore them or tell them i dont care, and
im not going to take it from my gf..i want completely out of
this shit. I dont want to hear either of the names of the
other two from one of them. (for instance, i dont want my
ffriend to mention my jackass friend or my gf) and its makes
it hard I guess on account of I have to work with both of
them for two weeks...but i guess i have to deal..