beaytiful allure
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2005-08-16 07:10:58 (UTC)

Me & Sam

shit...i dont know whats up with him im going to bed after
i write this so im making it short ...i was kinda feeling
like he only wants sex from i txt him and was like
whats up wit us are we still together...i should a made
it more clear then he was like we can jus be friends if
you want cause i live so far. and im like what why didnt
you tell me sooner...i cried over a guy for the first
fucking time....well he was like no no no i like you i
still want to be wit you i care about you. so im like if
you want hes like callin me on his breaks and all
that...i wanna make it clear i jus dont want sex wit him i
relaly like him we have fun and mesh well together..weve
been out togerther wout sex and you know...i mean i dono
maybe im lookin too much into shit and maybe i need a day
to clear my mind from me and him ...its only been two
weeks... thats not that long but in a way it is...anyways
im gonna go for now ill write more later...oh yea i talked
to florida nathan i missed him...too bad were bth livin
diff lives now.

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